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Simple financial planning and investment.

Life is complex. What you do with your money doesn't have to be. 

We're an ESG-informed independent registered investment advisor. We believe everyone should be able to achieve financial independence.

Coming soon to the App and Play Stores but you don't need to wait.  You can join our Beta and get started with a limited feature release today by clicking here.


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Simple Plans

Answer a few basic questions about you and your goals, and we'll create your personalized finance and ESG-informed investment plan in minutes.

Help with Saving

We provide tools to help you save, like scheduled deposits and advice on how to save and manage your money. Access your accounts from your phone.


Rest assured that your money is being looked after by a registered investment advisor, and safekept in SIPC-insured accounts. We use the same security the banks do.

Family Meal
Pregnant Woman and Partner

Tyr Partners LP is an independent registered investment advisor

We're working to make saving and investment easy for common people.  Help us by signing up for the private beta. 

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